Janurary 18. 2007

Scottie & Missy's views of the same orgasmic love fest



MISSY'S STORY ~~ My pussy was quivering with orgasms!

I answered the phone on the second ring; “Hello baby” I said, I’m three minutes away he said and hung up.
We had been waiting all week for “our day”. I could feel my fresh shaved pussy getting wet already thinking of his lips kissing it. My nipples were already poking through the red lace nighty I had on. A tap on the door, I open it and am crushed in a mighty bear hug, warm lips pressing my mouth open so his warm tongue can caress mine. I could feel his 9 inch cock pressing against my crotch, rock hard and ready to please me.
As he kissed his way down my neck he told me how just the sound of my voice got his cock hard, and it was dripping for me now.
He steered me to the bedroom, walking me backwards as his hands crushed me to his hard pulsing cock. Sitting me on the edge of the bed he pulled his shirt over his head, slowly undoing his jeans to free my sweet piece of meat, swollen right in front of my mouth. I could not help myself, I had to taste him. Looking up at him as I slipped the big head of his cock into my mouth, I swallowed the whole thing, letting him fuck my mouth slowly.
I was shocked when I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing my mouth away from his cock and pressing me down on my back. I wasn’t done with it damn it, but he had other ideas. He pulled my nipple into his mouth sucking firmly, almost painfully but I loved it. His hand was sliding between my legs, fingers tickling their way up to my pussy. I could feel how easily his fingers slide between my pussy lips, already juicy from his attention. His mouth inched down to my cunt, questing between my swollen lips to latch onto my clitty. I usually squiggle a lot, but this time he told me I was not getting away from his mouth this time. Hooking his arms around my thighs he clamped his mouth over my pussy and assaulted it with such pleasure and greed he had me cumming in less than a minute. Oh how I love how my baby eats my pussy, never stopping making me cumm like a skipping stone. I knew I was soaking his face with my juice and he was so enjoying it, that fact made me cumm even harder.
With cat like swiftness he was between my legs, his hard throbbing cock poised to plunge into my cunt, all juicy from his oral assault. Looking me in the eyes, his cock slid into my pussy, making me cumm yet again.
Pumping deep, faster and faster, I could feel his cock swelling, the head popping in and out of my pussy lips. My cumm was running down my ass by now. I could feel his wet nut sack slapping my ass as his hands scooped up my ass to pound my pussy even harder. I was cumming like a train by now, I couldn’t tell when one stopped and the other started, oh I was so fucking horny, hot and cummy by now, his bitch all the way.
My pussy was quivering with orgasms, making me warm and tingly from head to toe. That’s when he did it. He slid up to sit on my titties, stroking his cock right in front of my face, rubbing the head against my lips but not allowing me to taste him. It was sweet torture, I needed to suck his cock, I was starving for it. I opened my mouth to beg him for it. His hot creamy load shot against my cheek, in my mouth, up over my eye lid and I could feel his cock rubbing it all over my face. I shot another load myself, because I am a cumm whore and I loved his cumm facial.
Do you have a load of cumm to share with me? Call me up sweetie and make me your cumm slut.




SCOTTIE'S STORY ~~ good sex only gets better with time!

As I drove back from my job this morning in my Peterbilt, my thoughts were on what I had in store for me upon later that morning. I was going to Missy’s house after I parked my truck, and my Levis were already getting damp thinking about what was for sure to transpire.

I parked my truck and jumped into my Toyota. Heading toward the main road, I gave Missy a call to let her know that I was on my way. She answered the phone with a sexy, “Hello, Baby!” I told her that I was on my way, and hung up the phone. As I turned onto the main road, I had to adjust my bulge; my cock was coming alive just from the sound of her sultry, sexy voice….a couple of minutes later, I turned down her street and parked.

I walked in her house, and was immediately greeted by Missy…she was dressed in a short red nightie. We embraced, and we locked tongues in our usual ‘Good Morning’ ritual. By this time, my cock was fully engorged and I felt it strain against my tight 501s ready to break free. I took off my jacket, and my flannel shirt, ready for action. Missy asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee, and went into to the kitchen to make me a mug. I noticed her full, inviting ass sway as she prepared my mocha. I caressed her butt cheeks, as she stirred, and reached around to grab her nipples, rolling them between my fingertips. Coffee done, we finally headed toward the bedroom.

Missy laid back on the bed as I pulled my shirt off and dropped my jeans. She sat up as my prick sprung free from my shorts and took me in her mouth. I fucked her mouth standing up for a while, pressing her head down on my turgid shaft. I pushed her down onto the bed and drove my tongue into her mouth, squeezing those tits and loving the hardness of her nipples. My hand went down between her legs to find that she was already soaking wet! My mouth went from hers, down to her neck, shoulders, and down….down…down…..

Target in sight, I parted her pussy lips and teased her clit with my tongue….Missy started moaning and writhing; I firmly clamped her thighs down with my hands as I tried to keep my laser-lock on her love button. She was screaming and bucking like a bronco as I worked her snatch, juices coating my face as I probed and licked. Giving up on holding her still, I put a finger up her engorged box which she firmly clamped down upon amidst a flurry of orgasms….she was beginning to hyperventilate, so I sat up and brought her head down to my beet-red dick….

She sucked my manhood like a ferocious animal, her hair flying as she bobbed my knob like a piston! OOooooh, that felt soooo good! I enjoyed that for a few minutes, then pulled her head up, spun around and drilled her cunt with my sticky cock. I wasn’t holding back; today was no day for that slow and sweet stuff! I banged her for all I was worth; she had both hands on the headboard trying to keep in one position. She came a few more times while I was thrusting, and after a while I slipped back beside her and guided her out-of-breath mouth back to my shaft.

She sucked me for a few more minutes, and then I pushed her over and started stroking myself rapidly and forcefully… I got up on my knees, and bent my waist over her waiting mouth. I blew my load in a powerful orgasm, spraying Missy’s mouth, cheek, eyes, everything…..She dutifully licked it up, as I wiped it around her face with the head of my happy, exhausted dick. She licked me clean, and we laid back and took a few minutes to regain our composure. We dressed, went outside for a smoke and chit-chatted for a while before I left. I’m looking forward to next Thursday, because like fine wine and cheese, good sex only gets better with time!